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Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet is a flagship event organised by Malaysian Student Council of Australia (MASCA) NSW annually as a way to introduce Malaysian students, especially newcomers to the various Malaysian Student Organisations (MSOs) that exist within NSW.

Meet and Greet provides a platform for all MSOs and students to bond together as one community, while also providing them with the opportunity to be acquainted with professional organisations such as Education Malaysia Australia (EMA) and Study NSW. This event is usually organised at the start of the semester to celebrate the newcomers who have just arrived in Sydney to start their study.

Committee Retreat

The MASCA NSW Committee Retreat is an annual event that involves student leaders
from various Malaysian Student Organisations (MSOs) to meet and engage with one another.

It provides a platform for the student leaders to discuss with one
another their ideas and views on matters concerning Malaysian students by
sharing their experience and collective knowledge.

Through the various activities
and sessions, we hope to forge better relations between all MSOs as well as with MASCA New South Wales Chapter.

CPA Talk

CPA Australia is a prestigious and internationally recognised chartered professional accounting program. As a CPA, these future accountants will develop depth in accountancy knowledge. With the collaboration with CPA Australia, this workshop will provide a platform for these accounting students to know more about CPA Australia.

CPA Talk aims to guide accounting students to understand the program structure and course formats better and to provide a platform that allows accounting students to interact directly with CPA Australia on their concerns regarding the CPA program.

Think Tank

Think Tank is an annual case competition and networking initiative, organised by MASCA NSW for all students residing in New South Wales.

Established in 2014, Think Tank aims to serve as a platform for companies from various industries to connect with innovative and driven young individuals. Both components of Think Tank
strives to foster strong transferable skills in participants such as problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership and communication skills.

Judges and committee members of Think Tank 2022

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